A Swift Kick In The Ass

Get your ass moving while being entertained with stories 2 lifelong friends of growing up in South Florida..  In their 2nd episode, Tom and John discuss the Assessment part of the Ready Aim Fire approach to creating change in your life and living on your terms. Topics covered include: the gilded cage we put ourselves in that restrict our freedom, the importance of setting goals and learning from mistakes; reminiscing about childhood trips to Spencer Gifts, approaches to picking up girls that don’t work; and how John paid off over $90k in debt in just 2 ½ years while facing job elimination, raising kids and overcoming other challenges. A simple equation is presented that will get listeners the traction they need to overcome financial or other life challenges.

Go to www.aswiftkickintheass.com to submit voicemail questions you would like answered on the show via speak pipe!

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