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Tom Stewart and John Curren present a special edition of ASKITA with a review Robert Greene’s national best-selling book “The 48 Laws of Power”:

Some of the content may seem evil or antisocial and it is, but it is necessary to be aware of these tactics to protect yourself.

The 48 Laws Of Power - Do Not Commit To Anyone - Law 20. A Swift Kick In The Ass Podcast hosted by life long friends John Curren and Tom Stewart discuss Robert Greene's book the 48 Laws of Power.  A Swift Kick In The Ass Podcast Episode 33

48 Laws Of Power Special Feature – A Swift Kick In The Ass Podcast hosts Tom Stewart and Topics Covered:    How to apply Law # 20.  Power is central to living life on our own terms.  Living with out power over your own life is miserable and we all want more power to choose the life we want to live.

It is the fool that always rushes in to take sides, remain neutral. It is a delicate to keep this law from happening. Politicians are adept in the use of this law. How Donald Trump is using this law to his advantage. A fable about losing your ass, the old man, young boy and Jackass. Put your quarrels aside and avoid getting caught up in the hot button isssues and focus on getting our government to address the issues that pertain to all citizens. Queen Mary retains her virginity for the sake of England. Tell your boss to just shove it, a nice goal to aspire to. George Washington denies help from France during the American Revolution to avoid any strings attached and to gain the respect of the world. RIP Wayne Dyer who passed away on the evening before we recorded this podcast.


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