A Swift Kick In The Ass

The 48 Laws Of Power - Concentrate Your Forces- Law 23.  Tom Stewart and John Curren discuss Robert Greene's best selling book The 48 Laws of Power on their podcast A Swift Kick In The Ass episode 37


Tom and John discuss how to apply Law 23 of the 48 Laws of Power. Learn how to survive and play others using the techniques found in examples from history. What is milking the fat cow theory made popular by marketing guru Dean Jackson? How this law applies to focus.

John and Tom go back to their roots and focus on only one thing.. the podcast. Different projects were distracting them and they talk about a strategy to remedy that. Getting people to think about a subject in a different way. What happens if the fat cow (corporate job) stops producing milk. Dealing with job loss. Diversify to survive can serve you very well. How focus helped John dig his way out of 90 thousand in debt even when he lost his job. 

The importance of life long learning. How to identify danger and remove the blinders. Robert Greenes Mastery and the 10,000 hour rule. Listener Mario from the Dominican Republic gives some insight about life long learning and reading. Tom and Mario talk about MMA and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. How to buck the system and question conventional thought. The history of Robert Greene's book and how it lost popularity until rapper 50 Cent made it popular again.

Once again we do a show on the new social media platform Blab.im rather than using Google Hangouts.



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