A Swift Kick In The Ass

Childhood friends Tom Stewart and John Curren discuss the effects of pornography as it relates to personal change.  Episode 38 of A Swift Kick In The Ass podcast.

How does pornography use progress into a possible problem. Tom and John openly discuss their own struggles with porn and how to overcome it in order to become the best possible person. How porn use escalates from soft core to hard core and the possible side effects physically and mentally. How drinking beer and porn are similar. What happens when you become isolated and fall further into your addiction. Whose responsibility is it to control our use of pornography? Does the government have a right to tell us what we should or shouldn't look at. There is a healthy part and unhealthy part to porn use. Does porn cause men and women to treat each other as objects. How does the effect of media play into pornography? How can women tell if a guy is an avid porn user? John give plenty of statistics supporting the pros and cons of porn use. The danger of snap chat and young children. Is porn a gateway to full blown sex addiction and how can people who are struggling get help. Tom and John discuss their childhood Playboy club fully stocked with mags and Godzilla models. Shame and the internal struggle with the guilt after using porn. Fake ID's and adult book stores. How video games and porn are similar and do they take away from other positive activities? Stats on pornography related to children. The underground internet silk road and sex vacations. Similarities between food addiction and sex addiction.

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