A Swift Kick In The Ass

Lifelong childhood friends Tom Stewart and John Curren discuss Robert Greene's

best selling book the 48 Laws Of Power - Law 27 Play on People’s Need to Believe to Create a Cult like Following.

5 Ways to Create a Cult

1. Keep It Vague; Keep It Simple
2. Emphasize the Visual and the Sensual over the Intellectual
3. Borrow the Forms of Organized Religion to Structure the Group
4. Disguise Your Source of Income
5. Set Up an Us-Versus-Them Dynamic


Focus on the us vs. them. Exclusive club pit against a devious enemy out to deceive you. Use religious terms such brother, sister, bishop, elder, guru, guide, shaman and doctor. 

Found in politics, martial arts, religion, exercise trends, diet lifestyles, apocalyptic sects, racist organization and nationalist.

Join our cult and get stink perfume and boot sole flap jacks to kick your self in the ass with.

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