A Swift Kick In The Ass

In this episode of ASKITA, John presnts a strategy you can apply to our life that will help you make the most of the inevitable...change in your life!  If you are caught up in the drain of suck, make sure to catch this episode and get living on your terms.

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In this episode of ASKITA, John talks about how ignorance is seen as such a bad word. But it is only bad if you do nothing about your ignorance as living with ignorance is not always blisss. Listen to this episode and get your ass moving in a better more positive direction.

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In this episode of ASKITA, John talks about how easy it is to get pulled into certain emotions when you are going through something and how to pull yourself back from it shifting power to more positive outcomes. This is your life. Tell it to go clean your room and take out the trash. 

As with every episode, please visit www.aswiftkickintheass.com when you are looking to create positive change.

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