A Swift Kick In The Ass

48 Laws Of Power Special Feature - A Swift Kick In The Ass Podcast hosts Tom Stewart and John Curren present a special edition of ASKITA with a review Robert Greene’s national best-selling book “The 48 Laws of Power”:   Law # 13 When Asking For Help - Appeal To People's Self Interest - Never To Their Mercy Or Gratitude.

 Topics Covered:    How to apply Law # 13.  Power is central to living life on our own terms.  Living with out power over your own life is miserable and we all want more power to choose the life we want to live.  Some of the content may seem evil or antisocial and it is, but it is necessary to be aware of these tactics to protect yourself.

People are more apt to help if they see that they can benifit from doing so.  We have been using these techniques naturally since we were children.  How Tom used this technique to purchase a new super computer on Black Friday by making it seem beneficial to his wife.   Historical accounts of this law in action in the peloponnesian war.  Witness Tom butcher the pronunciation of the Greek names as he describes the story from the book.  Power is best gained by working with other people not against them.  Nasty tricks that Tom and John did while traveling in Mexico with the High School band.  Montezuma's revenge and flying bags of poop.

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Watch the video of this podcast on YouTube at:  http://youtu.be/jq_hcr_rnxM?list=UUtqyj3dr9lDd1JOZ-K05SjQ



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