A Swift Kick In The Ass

Childhood friends Tom Stewart and John Curren interview podcaster YL Savitskiy the host of "Bring It".  The podcast designed for people between the ages of 18 and 25 who are looking to explore their passions and apply entrepreneurial mindsets in creating the future of their dreams.

Episode 40 of A Swift Kick In The Ass podcast. YL discusses how to make change in your life by taking action. He discusses his journey in college and how creating blog posts and an ebook for college students ended up leading him to follow his passion and start a podcast that followed his entrepreneurial dreams.

YL suggest new students join clubs to meet other students. If a student does work, he recommends finding a job that is related to the skill they wish to develop. YL also recommends joining a student organization and volunteering. He also believes in chunking time into blocks to handle academics.

Action became the staple of YL's method. Becoming grounded and more socially fluent by putting him self out there. YL had a friend who gave him a swift kick in the ass that put him in motion to write his first ebook and launch a podcast.

Define what you want to do. Find your purpose and ask why your goals are important. Expectations of being the 1st generation of immagrant parents that attended college. How YL turned himself around in high school after being mentored by his older cousin.

How working out can translate into regular life by learning how to overcome obstacles and developing a routine.

How to follow your dreams of entrepreneurship to avoid the daily corporate grind. Podcasting tips for getting interviews with guests and overcoming the technical challenges.

Life long learning and how college might not be for everyone. Go to college with a plan not just because people tell you to. How corporations stole the soul of a creative industry such as radio and took the creative freedom and competitive spirit that existed in the medium. Avoid becoming a corporate drone.

Find out more about YL Savitskiy at http://www.ylsavitskiy.com/

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