A Swift Kick In The Ass (general)

In this episode of ASKITA, John talks about how not everyone is thankful for the Hades they are going through. They are too busy embracing the suck and the holidays forever ruined because of it. Don't miss this episode and some helpful tips on how to make it through backed what the Mayo Clinic is saying.

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In this episode of ASKITA, John talks about the nature of our problems and our expectations of complete resolve that get squashed every time. You won't want to miss this episode if you need to get your character in line, solve some problems and live on your terms.

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In the episode, John talks about he is the leading character in his own story line full of dragons, adventure and the building of his own kingdom. Real Life was never this fun but when you write the story and use it to develop your character...well you found the Holy Grail of living on your terms. Dont' miss this episode #PersonaDevelopment

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In this episode of ASKITA, John takes on the conventional belief that you should always be yourself. You really shouldn't if you are serious about making positive change in your life. Maybe being you isn't working out so well. Time to reinvent yourself. Do something for yourself and listen to this episode.

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In this episode of ASKITA, John gets answers he did not want to hear that force him to reevaluate his goal to reach first degree blackbelt and how that is going to help you recreate yourself.

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In this episode of ASKITA, John talks not only about his own awkwardness but how to use awkwardness to your advantage in creating positive change.  #Awkward

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In this episode of ASKITA, John talks about how a recent trip took him down memory lane as well as meeting up with the Here & Now. Don't miss this episode.

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Warning: If your kids don't know what BS stand for, you may not want them listening.  Or maybe you should. There is some language in those episode that is not kid friendly. But it is real discussion about the importance of really knowing your BS. Understanding BS and using it properly can help you live on your terms. Don't miss this episode.

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In this episode, John may drop the F-Bomb. There is just no better to talk about this topic without it. But you know it is for a reason. If you are trying to recreate your life by renegotiating your terms, you won't want to miss this one. It will motivate you to get your ass moving.

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In this episode John talks about a technique he uses to expand his opportunities and have good positive change come to him. All it takes is you listening to this episode to give yourself room to grow.

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In today's episode, you will never know what to expect when John talks about our expectations and how they influence the terms of our life.  

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After some time off to work on getting a new job, John is back. Rusty at the mic for sure. But., if you are serious about getting traction on your personal change, don't miss this episode. 

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With no doubt, John's journey has had grief along the way. But that is only one part of John's journey. We cant change some of our terms. We will grieve. But We will also Live and kick some ass along the way. Time to move on from grief.

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Facing change is not easy when it is thrust upon you, But don't let it get you down. John talks about how he is dealig with potential job loss and how to drive yourself forward. It's your life. Live it.

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In this episode, you will learn how John defines these "Terms" and , better yet, why he defines the terms he faces and always has. Don't miss it!

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In the episode...John gives you the information you need to get a foothold on your positive change.  Sit down. Ties your shoe laces and take a listen to John's PLAN (Problem|Learn What You Can Do| Align Goal With Reality| Know that no plan is perfect. 

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Are you ready for change? Not just talk...but real change?  Listen to this episode. You are ready for A Swift Kick in the Ass!

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In this episode, John talks about feelings anyone gets when their future is seen as at risk. What happens may not be in your control. Find out what John did to rid himself of anxiety in this episode

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Tom Robbins said that there are 2 ways to look at the world, Yuck and Yum.  But Yuck Off? Hint: It's not spit, swallow or gargle. You have to listen to find out. 

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In this episode of ASKITA, John hits hard to motivate you to get your ass moving and live on your terms. You may just learn something.  www.aswiftkickintheass.com

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In the episode of ASKITA, John talks not only about names he has been called but also about those he has been calling himself. This is an episode you won't want to miss if you are interested in creating positive change in your life.

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In this episode, you will learn about the clear and present danger in John's backyard and how you can use it to help negotiate Life on Your Terms. Take a listen and you will know what all the buzz is about!

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In this episode, you are going to get your a$$ moving because it is time to get rid of what doesn't serve you. Don't miss it.

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In this episode, John talks about the key to developing a role in life that gets you closer to living on your terms. John's role as host is definitely not Memorex. Find out why...

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In this episode, John talks about the Best approach to recreating your life. Warning: This episode will get your ass moving on a path of positive change.


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This episode is not for the faint of heart. You may cringe as John shares a very personal challenge to the terms of his life. 

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Join John as he tells of the censorship he now faces from Facebook after 8 years without a problem. Do we stand up fall down and not get up? Take a listen and help John keep his voice. Spread the word.. Thank you.

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In this episode talks about what he has been doing, where he is at and what he is doing about Facebook censoring the name of the podcast. Will this be the end?  Take a listen.

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In this episode, John talks about the crossroads we come across every day and how just a little time can put you on a path that has more agreeable terms than you could ever imagine. Join the journey and get your ass moving.

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In today's episode, John talks about not taking life too seriously and acknowledging the terms that have been handed you.

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In this episode, John talks about the nature of change and how to snowball the change you want in your life. Here is your opportunity to take one step forward in a Life lived on your terms.

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In this episode of ASKITA, John talks about the benefits of just sitting on your keester versus taking action.  So get your ASS moving and take a listen. You may never think the same again. Unless you are offended by the word ass..then please move along.

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In this episode, John talks about ways we can kill our dreams by making them come true. It's not BS but rather a framework that helps connect the possibility to reality. Don't miss it!

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John elaborates on the difference between going through a problem, challenge, or difficulty and going around them means. He also offers some suggestions on how to approach whatever your are facing.

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In this episode, John says goodbye to Tommy and provides Tommy's last lesson. Without Tom. what will happen? Listen and find out.

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Tom lost his battle to brain cancer on August 16th, Please attend his memorial service by registering at the site below.

Rest in Peace my Friend.

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In this episode, Tommy and John talk about the vulnerabilities we all face and what you can do about it to negotiate better terms for yourself and others.

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John and Tom blend old and new in an episode that celebrates the longtime childhood friend's journey so far. Get caught up on how Tom is doing and take a walk down memory lane while having a laugh a two.

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With Tom out on Medical Leave, John talks about how to get better terms by renegotiating with Life.  

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With Tommy out on Medical Leave, John takes on the topic of nerds ruling the world, how to stop living paycheck to paycheck and what he did to get traction on a plan that got him out of a $200k hole. Don’t worry. There is no actual math involved in this episode. No need to bring your pillow either as this episode will help you turn financial pain into financial pleasure. You won’t want to this episode

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With Tom assuring everyone that he'll be back in future episodes, John discusses how we choose our emotions and how to embrace the suck when there is little else you can do offering ways he copes with things he can't change.

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At this point in the journey, Tom is still on Medical Leave and John talks about the importance of improving our connections with other people as a means of bettering the terms of our own life and how it impacts others.  There are few choice words used in the beginning for the episode not intended for younger children.

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With Tom out on Medical Leave, John continues the journey of how to create positive change with the topic focusing on People, Friendship, and Self-Imposed Limits; as well as how he unintentionally pissed on a cat.

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Ep 88 Before You Get To Enough Is Enough Lifelong childhood friends Tom Stewart and John Curren discuss how to cope with the frustration of wanting to leave your job and pursue your "passion". 

How to tackle the problem of wanting to be somewhere else but needing to be where you are. How John got out of a bad relationship that would have changed his entire life and making the leap into entrepreneurship before he was ready.

Decision making before you make a leap of faith. Tom discusses how he is preparing for the future with a long-term attainable plan. How to describe your world on a piece of paper helping you to attain focus and get the thought out of your head.

Downsizing and clearing out the clutter to help you clear your mind and free up living space. Making the plan by figuring out what you are up against,  define the problem and how to survive so you can thrive.


Find out more on http://www.aswiftkickintheass.com
—-Listen to the podcast on iTunes—

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