A Swift Kick In The Ass

With Tommy out on Medical Leave, John takes on the topic of nerds ruling the world, how to stop living paycheck to paycheck and what he did to get traction on a plan that got him out of a $200k hole. Don’t worry. There is no actual math involved in this episode. No need to bring your pillow either as this episode will help you turn financial pain into financial pleasure. You won’t want to this episode

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With Tom assuring everyone that he'll be back in future episodes, John discusses how we choose our emotions and how to embrace the suck when there is little else you can do offering ways he copes with things he can't change.

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At this point in the journey, Tom is still on Medical Leave and John talks about the importance of improving our connections with other people as a means of bettering the terms of our own life and how it impacts others.  There are few choice words used in the beginning for the episode not intended for younger children.

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