A Swift Kick In The Ass

It's time to get your ass moving! John talks about how to be king (or queen) of the chaos of the world rather than a pawn. Don't miss this thought-provoking episode about how he overcame his depression, anxiety and grief through sitting still and looking inward.

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On this episode of ASKITA, John lays out ways for a person to pivot the terms of life they are trying to change and to focus on arriving rather than just wandering. Don't miss this episode!

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In this episode, John talks about the crossroads we come across every day and how just a little time can put you on a path that has more agreeable terms than you could ever imagine. Join the journey and get your ass moving.

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In today's episode, John talks about not taking life too seriously and acknowledging the terms that have been handed you.

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In this episode, John talks about the nature of change and how to snowball the change you want in your life. Here is your opportunity to take one step forward in a Life lived on your terms.

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In this episode of ASKITA, John talks about the benefits of just sitting on your keester versus taking action.  So get your ASS moving and take a listen. You may never think the same again. Unless you are offended by the word ass..then please move along.

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In this episode, John talks about ways we can kill our dreams by making them come true. It's not BS but rather a framework that helps connect the possibility to reality. Don't miss it!

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John elaborates on the difference between going through a problem, challenge, or difficulty and going around them means. He also offers some suggestions on how to approach whatever your are facing.

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In this episode, John says goodbye to Tommy and provides Tommy's last lesson. Without Tom. what will happen? Listen and find out.

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Tom lost his battle to brain cancer on August 16th, Please attend his memorial service by registering at the site below.

Rest in Peace my Friend.

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In this episode, Tommy and John talk about the vulnerabilities we all face and what you can do about it to negotiate better terms for yourself and others.

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